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The Design Process From Beginning To End

      We meet (either in person or on the phone) and come up with a good game plan based on your specific needs. There are no templates or magic formulas here. I fit the project to you.
      I put everything in writing. Once you’re happy with the work agreement, sign it and I put the ball in motion. I do require a 50% deposit to begin production.
      If you don’t have a “domain name” I’ll help you secure one. This is the address that visitors will type in to find you. I also set up hosting if you don’t already have it, so that I can build the site on the right foundation.
      “Engineering” is the process that brings a site to life. It’s when I take the design and make it an actual website.
      Once engineering is complete, I start testing the site. I’ll let you play with it, kick the tires and approve the overall functionality of the project.
      The most exciting step, as the website is launched. I promote and submit the site to search engines, make it live on the Internet and off you go.
      Like any good working machine, websites need maintenance. If you have an editing platform package installed then have at it. If you signed up for a maintenance plan, then I enter into that phase, where I’ll update your website with necessary content as needed.
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Why ChooseJW Design Pro?

I am very passionate about my work. Your success is my success. I want your business to thrive and flourish and my goal is to help you take your business to the next level. From dynamic websites to print design, it is imperative that the overall design is properly conceptualized and presented in a fashion to best represent your company – And I do all this at a much more affordable rate then any large design firm.

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